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Memorial Day Tribute – War Films and Kipling – Episode 35

“Gung to work, Ho in Harmony.” With these words, the fictional Lt. Col. Thorvald sets forth his vision for the Makin Island Marine Raiders. Based on a true story with minimal propaganda movie machinations, Randolph Scott leads a star studded cast in the 1943 war film Gung Ho!

I rate this very highly, the story is remarkably free from historical shenanigans and presents a simple tale of war and derringdo. No content issues to be aware of, only a minor romance sub plot, but does depict the death and loss in war.

On memorial day we remember all those who have died for their country, good or bad, black hats or white steeds. Even in the face of great evil and righteous war, humans are still made in the image of God and death should be mourned. We thank those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms.

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