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Quickshot Reviews the MCU: Iron Man 1 (2008)

Starring Robert Downey Junior in the inaugural movie that would create the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Iron Man set the standard for the modern understanding of Superhero movies. Hands down one of my favorite movies from the period, this is a complicated film with a lot of ups and downs.

8/10 stars

Content issues in the first 20 minutes with a pair of playboy examples (lasting under 30 seconds) containing mild sensuality and a hot and heavy make out scene, and improper humor throughout.

Content warning and rating

Few things are quite as thrilling for my technology loving soul as watching Tony Stark rock the Iron Man armor for the first time on the big screen. I grew up reading my mom’s comic books and watching various cartoons, so seeing the Armor for the first time was brilliant. Setting aside the setup scenes to show where Tony Stark begins as a character, aka a playboy jerk, this movie recaptured the essence of what a superhero could be in the modern consciousness.

With the understanding going in that Tony Stark begins as a self-absorbed jerk and an arrogant playboy, and that it will take three full movies to close his first arc, this is a fantastic film. The music is nothing special, but the CGI visuals are stunning.

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