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Tag: Sci-Fi

Dial Stargate Command – The Polymath Roundtable – Episode 30

Episode 30!!! I never would have guessed that I would make it this far when I started last summer!

From classic action TV shows to the far reaches of the galaxy, Richard Dean Anderson leaps from the days of swiss army knife fixes to walking on far worlds. Stargate SG-1 is a brilliant sci-fi television drama with a huge amount of philosophical discussion.

8/10, minor sexual content in just a couple episodes across 10 seasons. Not suitable for kids based on stressful situations and awkward philosophy that is not presented in the light of Christianity requiring more intensive thought and processing. Also creepy parasites.

Published May 5th, 2020

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The Polymath Roundtable – Episode 18 – Star Trek Picard Part 1

Today we start a brand new series of podcasts, a weekly breakdown of the new Star Trek series on CBS, Picard. This will be posted as close as feasible to Thursday each week when the new episode airs, and will discuss the series on a 2 week delay so as not to spoil it for people watching live.

In short, the new episode features many of the usual offenders when it comes to speculative fiction in an atheist world setting, with the new addition of a plot designed to make the creation of life a human achievement via advanced AI. Not recommended for younger individuals due to obscured lines between good and evil and morally ambiguous.

First published February 7, 2020

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