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Tag: Video Games

Going Blind into Ori and the Blind Forest

Ori and the Blind Forest. Platformer, puzzle game, Japanese spiritualism, and impeccable art. I had never gotten into the platformer game art style, but this one caught my eye watching the sequel gameplay on twitch, and I just had to try it. 9/10, only downrated for using a pantheistic world style straight out of Japanese mythology. Not a particularly dangerous usage, but something to be aware of if allowing younger people to play.

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First published 4/20/2020

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The Polymath Roundtable – Episode 16 – The Witcher Condemned

You know, I really tried to like it. I badly wanted to like it, but the salacious content just is far too much to ignore. More information in todays episode.

Published January 29, 2020

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